Happy UK Mother’s Day to my Malawian Mother - interview with Gift Thompson

We are delighted that our social media has been taken over by for a while by STEKAskills volunteer and Queen Margaret University student, Edyta Biardzka. Because it's Mother's Day in the UK today, she decided to ask her fellow QMU student, our youngest trustee, Gift Thompson, about his Malawian Mother - Helen Maseko who is also a Trustee of STEKAskills ! STEKA is Gift's home when he's not studying in Scotland. Edyta: What role does Helen play in your life? Gift: To begin with, ever since I've lived at STEKA Helen has been my mum. And she is also mum to all my 72 brothers and sisters. It is incredible how loved and secure she makes us all feel. I am very happy that I can always rely on Hele

Scottish Government funds small charity's antidote to white saviour trips

Gift Thompson, a resident of the STEKA children’s home in Malawi, and STEKAskills’ youngest trustee, creates a white saviour pose in reverse along with STEKAskills chair, Emma Wood and students from Queen Margaret University who have helped develop a new approach to voluntourism. We are SO DELIGHTED to have been awarded a grant from the Scottish Government to test our Dialogue groups - read our press release below for all the details ! STEKAskills, a small Scottish charity, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded almost £10,000 from the Scottish Government’s small grants programme for international development. The money will be used to test the feasibility of its new model of dign

Empowering our STEKA girls with teaching skills

Godknows and four of our STEKA girls have been selected for training provided by the UK Harvest Trip at Zambezi Church in Limbe, Blantyre (Malawi). The UK Harvest Trip helps people affected by wars, floods and other natural disasters. Mr.MacJessie, who coordinated the workshops, explained that the main purpose of the training was to equip and empower teachers with effective teaching methods so they can lead the bible studies for children more effectively. After completing 12 classes, all the participants will be rewarded with the certificates and gifts at the graduation ceremony, which will take place at STEKA in April, where guests from Malawi and the United Kingdom will be invited. We're s

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