Buying or selling our STEKAskills goods helps in lots of ways ... 

We have Christmas decorations, bags, bunting, clothes and aprons made at STEKA and by independent Malawian artisans to sell. All profits from tailored items go towards developing and sustaining the  STEKA Centre The decorations are an enterprise set up by our youngest trustee, Gift Thompson,  to earn money to secure an education for his brothers and sisters who live in the STEKA home. So profits from these will pay their school fees with any extra used to fund training at our Centre. Each item is labelled with a colourful tag explaining the contribution its sale makes, so they make lovely presents.  Here they are being modelled by members of the STEKA family and their UK friends (email us for a pack if you'd like to arrange a STEKAskills sale).  Click on the words above to see more images of our beautiful products...

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