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STEKAskills & Charlie Miller

We are hugely grateful that top Edinburgh hairdressers Charlie Miller are dedicated to helping provide opportunities for young marginalised Malawians to learn their trade. Charlie Miller have agreed to offer their clients the opportunity to buy our Malawian crafts in their salons over the last two years. This has raised enough money to kit out a hairdressing training school. The film above is a big thank you from some of the young people at the STEKA care home who explain the impact it makes and ask the Charlie Miller staff and clients to think of a name for the new school.


Should it be named after the salons in Scotland or called something different (maybe Charlie's Angels, after the decorations and the staff who have delivered what feels like a miracle for many young women who couldn't afford this life-changing opportunity without their help)? You decide. The team at Charlie Miller are selling the decorations to raise money to pay for a teacher, food so the students can afford to leave home during the day and still eat, and kits for graduates to be able to set up their own businesses. Please watch the films below to find out more about why they're supporting us and to see why vocational skills training is so important in a country where poverty means that only 1% of the population can go to college. 

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