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International Community Development and Voluntourism

The STEKA workshops would inspire more young people by using an innovative approach developed following the ‘dialogue’ model already developed and successfully implemented by Queen Margaret University through its AlcoLOLs project (involving 3000 pupils so far in Edinburgh).  

Our dialogue groups will be developed and run by teenagers at the Centre in Malawi for visiting school groups to learn about things like resilience, family values, the importance of community and significance of the UN’s Global Goals.  They'll be designed to affect Global North teenagers’ attitudes to global citizenship and to effect a cultural shift in the way in which they see themselves in relation to people in the Global South.  

We know that voluntourism (travelling on holiday to countries to ‘help’) is a growing and important sector for Malawi (and much of the Global South). But some teenagers who have visited with the best of intentions are now blogging about their approach – reflecting that going with a ‘saviour complex’ meant that they missed important opportunities for really finding out about their counterparts and their lived experience; and often posting selfies on social media , but not communicating anything of substance about the culture and people.  Our dialogue groups will help teenagers communicate together more easily and effectively.

We know how to inspire Global North students because two of STEKA’s young people, Sandra and Gift, have spent time at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh working with students there who have themselves identified what they have learned from the relationship. The Scottish based students talk about it here

‘Photovoice’ will help teenagers to communicate more effectively about the profound nature of their learning on social media .  They will focus on young people’s views on the meaning in Malawi and the Global North of issues such as The United Nations’ global goals number 5 (Gender Equality) 10, (Reduced Inequalities ), Goal 8 (Decent  Work, and Economic Growth) and Goal 13 (Climate Action).

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