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How to Donate to STEKAskills 


The best way to donate to us is straight into our Bank Account

Name: STEKAskills

Sort Code: 80-22-60

Account No. 18555368

And email to tell us about your donation (including a completed  GiftAid form, if relevant, which you can download for a single donation here or to cover this and any past or future donations here or we can send a form to you).


Or, if it’s easier, you can donate via JustGiving by clicking here

Unfortunately though, as well as charging for donations, JustGiving also charges charities £15/month to see who has donated to their cause, and we can't afford that. So, please email us just to say you've donated - it's nice to know who our supporters are ! And, if you are a UK taxpayer and we could claim back the tax paid on your donation through GiftAid, please follow the instructions above and include a form with your email to


Either way, we really appreciate any donation so much. STEKAskills, doesn’t have any paid employees, we are all volunteers, so every penny you give is put to work creating sustainable futures for some of the most vulnerable (and inspirational) young people in the world! Thank you for your support.


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