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© 2017 STEKA Skills 


& the STEKA Centre for Vocational Skills & Community Enterprise

STEKAskills is a Scottish charity partnered with the Malawian charity  STEKA (Step Kids Awareness) to create a brave space in which we build real solidarity between communities in Scotland and Malawi to bring about sustainable social change.

In Malawi we empower marginalised young Malawians so that they can get their voices heard and build sustainable futures by reducing their donor dependency and helping them gain high quality employment.

In Scotland, we ensure our communities (especially young people) see beyond stereotypes of Global South countries and learn from their Malawian peers about resilience and community as well as structural inequality, so that they are inspired to join together to campaign for change. 

STEKA is a grass roots Malawian NGO which creates sustainable

futures for homeless and vulnerable children and young people. It

is led by grassroots activist and social entrepreneur, Godknows and

his wife Helen, who campaign for children’s rights, gender equality

and against early marriage. Godknows is a survivor of human

trafficking and our work is driven by his mission to save children

from this fate, and help young survivors build positive futures. 

Hear how this is working here ...

As Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, only 1% of people can go to college, and only 11% can complete primary school, so however ambitious they are, many young people can’t get the skills they need to get work and are  vulnerable to traffickers. So our ultimate goal is to develop and sustain a STEKA Centre for                                                                                                      Vocational Skills and Community Enterprise where people can l                                                                                             learn the skills they need to set up their own businesses and                                                                                                    earn their way to safe, sustainable futures.  Here more here in                                                                                                 our 4  minute film here...


                                                                                               We plan to sustain the Centre and create quality jobs for                                                                                                           marginalised Malawians through our innovative alternative to                                                                                                 voluntourism, The STEKA Dialogues. Find out more about how it                                                                                            empowers young Malawians and transforms young Scots on                                                                                                     our Youth Dialogue page. 



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