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© 2017 STEKA Skills 


& the STEKA Centre for Vocational Skills & Community Enterprise

STEKAskills is a Scottish charity partnered with the Malawian charity STEKA (Step Kids Awareness) to realise the benefits of young people working together across continents in a mutually respectful way.  

The specific purpose of STEKAskills is to involve Scottish (or any other associated) communities (particularly young adults or organisations such as schools, churches, clubs) in connecting with their contemporaries in Malawi to:

  • Develop and sustain a STEKA Centre for Vocational Skills and Community Enterprise, enabling it to reach more homeless and vulnerable young people in Malawi who would otherwise be faced with lives in poverty; encouraging their social participation, getting their voices heard, giving them life skills and vocational skills to help them secure sustainable futures.

  • Understand the UN's global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)and help realise the power of volunteering which the United Nations deems essential to the achievement of the SDGs to "facilitate changes in mind-sets by raising awareness or championing those changes and inspiring others".


STEKA is very much a grass roots Malawian NGO which creates sustainable futures for homeless and vulnerable children and young people *. It’s lead by  activist and social entrepreneur, Godknows Maseko (an ex ‘street kid’) and his wife Helen, who campaign tirelessly for children’s rights, gender equality and against early marriage. Over 10 years they have developed a benchmark model for creating sustainable futures for street children. They have established a loving home for 70 young people and supported many more in their own homes and communities.  Now Godknows and Helen need to further develop their vision to enable older teenagers develop the resilience and skills needed to build a bright future through a STEKA Centre for Vocational Skills and Community Enterprise (the STEKA Centre or Village) 

As Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, only 1% of the population can go to college, and only 11% can complete primary school, so however ambitious they are, many young people can’t get the skills they need to get work and can end up living on the streets, or be forced into prostitution or a life of crime.


A STEKA Centre will reach more marginalized young people and, as it encapsulates many of the UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development, is inspiring partnerships across continents. Please watch our 4 minute film below to hear about the vision (co-produced by STEKA's Sandra Ndale and Queen Margaret University students in Edinburgh).

* STEKA ( Step Kids' Awareness) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) charity number TR/INC: 3069 under the Child Reform and Development Assistance sector .

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