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We are pleased to welcome a new volunteer to our STEKAskills family

Hello everyone! My name is Edyta and I am a third year Public Relations and Media student at Queen Margaret University. I heard about STEKA for the first time around two years ago, during my lecture with Emma Wood, when she introduced us to Sandra – a resident of the STEKA home who came to study for one semester at QMU. I was really inspired by the whole project and Emma’s dedication towards helping the charity. During my second year of University, I wanted to help to raise money to build Skills and Community Enterprise Centre for young people like STEKA's Sandra and Gift in Malawi by preparing the fundraising event in the GAP store (my current workplace). With the support of my managers, Emma, Gift and everyone that volunteered during that event, we managed to raise almost £200. This experience definitely helped me to improve my understanding of STEKA’s values and mission and that’s why I decided to help STEKAskills in running their social media channels this year. It is not only a great opportunity for me to learn new things, but to also contribute to the STEKA community. I am always willing to help other people, because I believe that good things always come back with double the strength !!

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