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Learn to DeDevelop and help STEKA survive Covid-19

We are launching a campaign today which we hope will entertain you so much that you will manage to donate to help the STEKA family survive the Covid-19 disaster. Our #DeDevelop campaign will take the form of snapshots of the STEKA children entertaining themselves without ‘costing the Earth’.

We know how hard Covid is making life for everyone, but we are especially worried about our partners, the STEKA family in Malawi, currently home to 74 young survivors of trafficking and abuse. With only 17 ventilators in its public hospitals which serve 80% of the 18 million population in Malawi, it’s really important for them to keep safe and not get the virus. We don’t like asking for donations because both STEKAskills and STEKA are dedicated to reducing donor dependency and promoting social entrepreneurship. This means that STEKA recently invested in equipment to be hired out for events as well as cars which are hired out to tourists. And STEKAskills was hoping to earn an income for the STEKA Centre from Dialogue Groups to be run with visiting school groups in the summer. But Covid-19 has put paid to all that. With no visitors, there’ll be no profits. And STEKA desperately needs to ensure it has enough money to buy beans, rice and Nsima to eat, as well as paying essential water and electricity bills. If you can make a donation, however small, please do so via our donate button. Thank you and keep safe .

The first post in our campaign is of STEKA's Chancy who made his toy out of a mango stone and string because knows how to have fun without costing the earth. He’s one of 74 young people living at the inspirational STEKA care home in Malawi and we’ll be sharing more posts like this to show the world how to de-develop during the Covid-19 Lockdown (and hopefully afterwards too). Please share our posts to spread the message and follow us for regular updates. And if you believe that ‘developed’ countries need to learn how to ‘dedevelop’ hashtag us to share your pictures of de- development … #DeDevelop #dedevelopment #lockdownlife #lockdown #Malawi #stekaskills #stekakids

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