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Critical Dialogue and a Women's Hostel can create far reaching, long lasting, cultural change.

Mac, Godknows and the STEKA team work tirelessly to advocate behalf of girls and women and to create a culture at the STEKA Vocational Skills Centre where women can transform themselves into confident aspirational individuals who can learn skills to help sustain themselves and their families in the future. We know that if these women can spend time in a women’s hostel and take part in our unique ‘critical dialogue’ process, they can influence and inspire many more women in the future. We’ve already seen how hairdressers can use the private time they have with clients to think about FGM differently. And we intend to take a similar approach so that hairdressers trained with us can open critical dialogue with their clients to invite them to reject the illegal ‘removal of the dust’ ritual which still takes place in the area. Please support our campaign to build a women’s hostel so that women and girls can become powerful and get the future they deserve by clicking the donate button above.

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