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Inspired young volunteer funds bright futures for STEKA Centre street kids

I am so pleased to be able fund one of the vocational skills centre buildings. My time at STEKA was an incredibly enriching experience that has resonated with me long after I left Blantyre airport back in 2015 after volunteering there. And I will always strive to help Godknows and Helen achieve their vision for the STEKA home and children.

This summer I was able to use my background in youth mental health and social care work in the UK to develop a Menstrual Hygiene Management project for the STEKA girls through a series of workshops making reusable sanitary pads to contribute to the empowerment of these amazing young women.

I am now delighted to be in a position to help realise Godknows’ plan for a Vocational Skills Centre which will secure the development of positive, fulfilling futures for the children at STEKA and young people like them. I have been inspired by STEKA and the impact of the work I see happening there, and it’s a privilege to play a part in extending the ‘STEKA effect’.

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