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Pupils plan to involve all generations to tea dance for STEKA

Despite their exams loomimg, Dunbar Grammar School pupils are employing excellent project management skills to ensure that their tea dance for STEKA will be a big success on June 14th. They will be inviting senior citizens from local residential homes as well as grandparents, parents, pupils and their younger brothers and sisters to their tea dance. It's a complicated process as they've had to book the school ceilidh band, order food through their Home Economics teacher (and earn the money to pay for it by holding a bake sale). They're planning to have dancers to demonstrate the dances, a raffle, show the STEKA film and make a presentation about all they've learned. And, as a real highlight, they'll connect with the STEKA family and Godknows Maseko by video link on the day so that they can all share the joy of true global citizenship. The pupils are so grateful to Dunbar Rotarians and their teacher for supporting their ambitions and we can't wait to see all their enthusiasm and hard work come to fruition on the day !

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