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Up, up and away goes the Rotary Skills Centre...

We're so excited to see the progress being made in building the Rotary Skills Centre. The walls will soon be finished and the roof will go on at the end of May. If all goes well, the building will be finished by the end of June. Not only will this centre enable lots of young people to learn the skills they need to live independently and get jobs, the building process is creating quality work for everyone involved. And, because STEKA is a fierce proponent of gender equality, Godknows has ensured that women are on the payroll and benefitting too . Thanks again for making this happen to the Rotary clubs of Portobello, Haddington, Coatbridge, Airdrie & Monklands, Tranent, the Rotary District 1020 and James Hardie, aged 16 who made an amazing £800 for this centre by baking cakes with his granny - we have a special surprise for James - watch this space...

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