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A special Gift from St John's and St Mary Magdalene’s churches in Portobello, Edinburgh

We are absolutely delighted that the parishes of St John's and St Mary Magdalene's have committed to raising funds for a Skills Centre Teaching Block . STEKA's Sandra Ndale and Gift Thompson were both were warmly welcomed into the churches' community when they lived in Portobello. Sandra, back at STEKA, still nurtures memories of singing in the St John's choir and Gift is looking forward to continuing being part of the parish whilst he lives in Portobello for 8 months of each of the next four years whilst he studies at Queen Margaret University. The parishes already support a wide range of good causes and we are very grateful that they have chosen to support ours too. This is an example of a really strong partnership as not only are the parishioners organising a whole range of wonderful community events to raise money, but members of the church committees are also offering their resources to help develop this STEKAskills group and support Gift with his studies. Gift is so happy at St John's that he chose to get baptised there last year - here are some photos taken then which really reflect the wonderful community atmosphere at the church and beyond, into the Portobello community (where Gift also sings at the Joppa Parish church choir) and with the Malawian diaspora group in Edinburgh who welcomed Sandra and Gift into their community too . Gift is pictured here with Father Jock Dalrymple, parish priest for both churches.

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