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What's it like to have 69 brothers & sisters?

This was just one of the amazing questions asked by the pupils of St John's Primary School in Portobello. Gift Thompson and Emma Wood were welcomed into the school and really engaged by just how much the pupils knew about STEKA and how much they were interested in Gift's life in Malawi. The pupils were certainly envious of the fact that Gift is never lonely in his wonderful STEKA home and always has someone to play with ! We played a game using STEKA's valentine's film which details what the STEKA children love about their home and asked the St John's pupils to think what they loved about theirs. We then compared the answers - it showed that the children have lots in common across the continents, except that the Portobello children didn't feel privileged to be able to go to school , whereas the STEKA children often chose being able to get an education as a reason to love living at STEKA. A great insight into the realities of inequality whilst also recognising all the benefits of having a family and that being part of a wonderful Malawian community can bring.

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